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NO LONGER UPDATED. The RP this was a part of unfortunately died. I liked what we did, though, so I'm keeping the blog and posts. I'm using this as a separate blog for liking things such as resource posts (so that I can access them more quickly haha), and I will not be posting on here possibly ever again, unless a new RP looks promising and I decide to join. Bye!
Hello! I'm Allison Lee, and I've just moved to Rome to attend University... Or, well, that's what I tell people. The main reason I came here actually is to help the Slayer and her friends to fight the dark things that seem to be all over here. I'll do anything I can to become someone worthy of one day being called a hero.
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Bathed in Light—Allison and Zedekiah

The dawn was arriving slowly as Allison watched from the window sill in her room. She had been sitting there for hours. Just watching. A slight smile on her lips. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, her basically forgetting to sleep. She was prone to getting lost in things, be they scenery or books or simply daydreams. When school wasn’t in session, this habit rarely caused her much trouble. Last night she had been excited to go exploring again in this new city, and she had fallen to daydreaming and hadn’t moved away from the window since. The last exploration had ultimately gone pretty well, considering. She wasn’t sure if she had made a real friend or a passing acquaintance, but the man, Oz, who had helped her find her hat, seemed decent enough.

At the thought of the hat, Allison’s loose hold on the now slightly damaged black material in her hands tightened instinctively. She wouldn’t—couldn’t—let it get so close to being gone again. She rather liked hats, and this one was so cute. But also, it was all she had left of him. The thought of him reminded her that she had failed. The biggest failure of her entire life was what happened to him. The slight smile turned to a frown. Her eyes clouded with misery briefly and she tried to shake it off, finally standing up and walking towards her chest of clothes which was still mostly packed up. By now the dawn had come, and faint tendrils of light crawled into her room, slowly basking her in light starting at her bare feet. She rifled through her clothes. Nothing complex would be needed in today’s attire, she supposed.

Missy and Allison would both be out today, but for very different reasons. Allison wanted to see the world around her, and Missy wanted to continue her job hunt. Allison realized that this meant she didn’t have to wait up for Missy in order to leave, and she picked out her clothes more quickly. A purple long-sleeved shirt and a knee-length black skirt. That would do, she decided. It didn’t take her long to get dressed and add a few very loose curls to her hair. She ate a piece of toast and drank some orange juice, then grabbed her wallet so she could try and buy lunch somewhere in the city later.

When she was about to leave the apartment, she automatically pulled her hat onto her head. However, she paused, wondering if she should just leave it here. To be safe. She removed it and went out the door, locking it behind her. After only a few steps, Alli pivoted on her feet and rapidly returned to the house, going inside and taking the hat back up again. Even if it was just a few steps, it felt wrong to her to not have the hat with her.

Once more, Alli walked out into the pale morning light. The light reached her eyes and they shined right back, her usual radiant smile growing on her soft pink lips. She scaled down the stairs at the side of her building and nearly skipped out into the cobblestone path.

The sights of the city were almost overwhelming in their beauty. Alli had intended to seek out smaller, perhaps less often seen wonders, but she found herself so taken by the city as a whole that she couldn’t decide if she wanted the big or the little things to take her time. Since she was planning on being in Rome for a long time to come, she figured she’d be able to take time for both. But which should come first was a mystery to her entirely. It seemed as though she could find a single building and be engrossed in its aura and its appearance for hours, but there were so many buildings she didn’t know where to start. Too much. There was too much to see.

And yet, with all the things she could have delved into, she wound up not far from a cemetery, eying it warily. Vampires wouldn’t be out in the ever-increasing daylight, but it had been all together too long since Alli had last tried to stop the night creatures. She had come to Rome to help people, and she hadn’t done so yet. She’d have to start sometime. But it clearly couldn’t be now. The sunlight made certain of that.

 Her eye caught on something—someone. It was that man from the other night. Zedekiah, wasn’t it? She had spent some time pondering him and what he meant when he said he was a fallen angel, but she had nearly concluded that she had imagined him or dreamed him up. Still, there he was. Very much real. When their eyes met, Zedekiah hesitantly raised his hand and tentatively waved at her. Despite her initial disbelief at seeing him, his shy wave warmed her right back up to him, and she smiled broadly with a quiet chuckle and waved back in a large gesture.  

 The two met halfway and Alli’s speech bubbled out, “Zedekiah, hey! You left in a hurry the other night…” She realized she was speaking to him in a far more familiar manner than she should have, and she tried to calm herself some, failing miserably. Indeed, she had taken a shine to the odd man.